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NGOs and VOsSWASTHYA SEVA RASTRA SEVA Mission: - To educate, promote and aggressively market all aspects of natural living through Ayurveda under the corporate umbrella of Therapy Ayurveda. - To establish centres around the world to promote health and wellNew Delhi


NGOs and VOsOur Philosophy Every child is a pool of myriad thought, emotions, ideas and capabilities, when tapped and channelized, it can be directed to bring about a tide of constructive social order.New Delhi
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Counseling for Young Individuals

NGOs and VOsStapoo is a place for free expression for children & adolescents. It aims at reaching out to young individuals and making them emotionally healthy beings. New Delhi

Freelance Grant Writing/Project Proposal Writing Support

NGO Professionals & ServicesDevelopment Labs is an NGO provides capacity building solution to other NGOs and Corporates.New Delhi
Experience(Years) : I have years experience in grant writing/proposal writing, managing media, developing news letters & annual reports, building concepts and managing social media & CSR. Presently, i am Senior Advisor-Communication & CSR in Development Labs. And, i also provide above capacity building solutions to other NGOs.
Services Offered : NGO Consultancy, FundRaising, Document Writing, Public Relations, CSR Consultant

Request for the donation of charitable activities of VIDYA FOUNDATION

NGOs and VOsRequest for the donation of charitable activities of VIDYA FOUNDATIONNew Delhi
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Request for the donation of charitable activities of VIDYA FOUNDATION

NGOs and VOsI am requesting you for fixing a meeting in order to discuss to have you as our CSR partner by sponsoring our programmes to reach at the most rural and most needy community so that You can sponsor any programme and we would launch with complete respoNew Delhi
LEAF Society
Rudra Prasad
2013-10-27, 10:55
Well done... go ahead to Serve d Needy... Thanxxx
Atijeevan Foundation
2013-10-27, 10:52
Atijeevan Foundation would thank Kind Heartz for all the help and support they have provided us in our various endeavors. Atijeevan is a non governmen...