For many children in India education is a distant dream. But Om Foundation in Noida is a ray of hope for those who want to study but have no funds.

Afflicted by polio, life for 6-year-old Rohit has not been easy. His family moved to Noida from Balia in Uttar Pradesh a few years ago to ensure that Rohit can have access to better medical care. Rohit's father is a daily wage-earner and the family leads a hand to mouth existence in a tiny room. Everything that he earns goes towards Rohit's treatment, and the thought of educating Rohit was a distant dream. "I thought his life was over. We had given up all hope of him ever having a normal life," Rohit's father said.

However, Om Foundation, a school located in the Hoshiarpur village of Noida, came to the rescue of Rohit\\\'s family. The school provides free education to children who belong to families living below the poverty line.

The school was founded 11 years ago and initially had only 20 students. Today the school is educating over 300 students and has an attrition rate of less than 3 per cent. And for most young minds at Om Foundation, this has been the first step to a bright future.


At 9 am on a weekday, Abdul Mallik is busy wading through neck-high water, a tyre-tube around his waist, his tiffin box and shoes held in one hand above the muddy river.

It\'s hardly the average morning commute, but for this 40-year-old teacher, it\'s all in a day\'s work.

This is what it takes Mr Mallik to get to the primary school where he has been employed for 20 years in a village in the Malappuram district of Kerala.

\"If I go by bus, it takes me three hours to cover the 12-kilometre distance, but swimming through the river is easier, faster and I reach school on time,\" he says, after he emerges from the river 15 minutes later.

He changes into a dry set of clothes on the river bank, and then treks uphill for 10 minutes before he reaches school.

An average salary for government teachers like him is around Rs. 25,000.

The compensation, he says, lies elsewhere.

As he arrives at his classroom, a bunch of excited students surround him with their offerings of cards and letters for Teacher\'s Day.

A staunch environmentalist, he often takes his students swimming, hoping the field trip will impress upon them the need to save the river, swirling with filth, that he navigates every day.

A seven-year old student, Jahangir, smiles shyly when asked what he wants to be when he grows up. \"Like Mallik Master,\" he says.



Teachers are the source of inspiration,

they assist us in building our attitude and perception.

nothing can repay dis debt,

coz knowledge is unchangeable of all abstracts,


Remember those golden days of school and college,

we were restless and floating on fantasy foliage.

Teachers imparted the knowledge to decide a direction,

and made us worthy to settle in a qualified section.


scolding and beating was a part of curriculum,

and instantly go happy after getting a well done.

Teachers made us a respectful individuals,

by imbibing in us a series of etiquette.


All teachers are reverential,

but few are those who are memorable.

we bow for all the teachers,

this is also not enough for paying our tribute.


Wishing all the lovely teachers a happy teachers day,

this is the small token of love floated for them on this beautiful day.

respect and love everyone we have learnt for our teachers,

keep your good spirits for others to remember.