For many children in India education is a distant dream. But Om Foundation in Noida is a ray of hope for those who want to study but have no funds.

Afflicted by polio, life for 6-year-old Rohit has not been easy. His family moved to Noida from Balia in Uttar Pradesh a few years ago to ensure that Rohit can have access to better medical care. Rohit's father is a daily wage-earner and the family leads a hand to mouth existence in a tiny room. Everything that he earns goes towards Rohit's treatment, and the thought of educating Rohit was a distant dream. "I thought his life was over. We had given up all hope of him ever having a normal life," Rohit's father said.

However, Om Foundation, a school located in the Hoshiarpur village of Noida, came to the rescue of Rohit\\\'s family. The school provides free education to children who belong to families living below the poverty line.

The school was founded 11 years ago and initially had only 20 students. Today the school is educating over 300 students and has an attrition rate of less than 3 per cent. And for most young minds at Om Foundation, this has been the first step to a bright future.