People see me with loathsome eyes,

Coz am no more beautiful with dreadful scars.

Am unable to explain my distressing feeling,

These scars have left me mourn deteriorating.


I was striving to fulfill my dreams,

Thought of touching the sky realms.

I wanted to become someone\'s special,

Who would be my companion in my entire struggle.


My all dreams got shattered,

Coz acid attack left me disfigured n scattered.

I wasn’t able to recognize myself,

Acid has given me shuddery makeover with horrendous face.


What was my mistake,

Saying no is what has given them this awful way.

They should be treated alike for this flagitious crime,

Which leave then all their life crying.


Acid has left scars on my soul also,

No one heard my screaming also.

I expect brutal punishment for those daemons,

No one should dare this act in future again.