Every day five children die because of abuse and neglect. A Lot of NGOs in India are working together to reduce this count to ZERO.

Here are 10 ways to prevent Child Abuse & Neglect:

1)      Be a nurturing parent. Being a nurturing parent involves meeting basic physical needs as well as consistently seeking to meet your children’s emotional needs. Each child is different, as is each parent, so a nurturing relationship can take many forms. Check out these great tips for being a nurturing parent.

2)      Help a friend, neighbor or relative. Everyone sometimes feels stressed, overworked and out of patience, but these kinds of emotions, if left unabated, can lead to regrettable parenting decisions. If you notice that a parent you know seems to be having a rough time, that’s a great cue that they may need a little break. Even small gestures can mean a lot and relieve a stressful parent.Remember, just because a parent is stressed, doesn’t mean that they are abusing or neglecting their children. But a little help from a trusted friend may do a lot to help them be the parent they want to be.

3)      Help yourself and de-stress when necessary. If you find yourself being the one who is stressed out, then maybe it’s time to let a trusted friend or family member in to help on occasion. Sometimes a few good nights’ sleep away for the weekend is all it takes.

4)      When your baby cries, be patient. When a baby won’t stop crying, it can be frustrating, heartbreaking and even defeating. If you have a baby who is prone to long bouts of crying, take a look at these tips for calming an infant. Never shake a baby. Shaking a baby can result in severe injury and even death.

5)      Get involved. Tell other people about child abuse resources in your community and services of the leading NGOs.  Share resources like this blog and don’t shy away from speaking out against child abuse and neglect.

6)      Help develop parenting resources. Are you a parent who feels like they have wisdom and experiences to share? Contact your local library and offer to help them develop parenting resources.

7)      Monitor your child’s media intake. This includes things like television, YouTube videos, movies, social media activity, and even texting. Watching violent films and television shows can be harmful to a young child’s development and can be desensitizing to older children and teens.

8)      Promote programs in school. Help the schools in your community be the source of education about child abuse, not just math, English and science.

9)      Volunteer at a local child abuse prevention program. Another way to get involved in the fight against child abuse is to volunteer your time. All NGOs are always on a lookout for volunteers. Check out the volunteer options on our website.

10)   Report suspected abuse or neglect. Last, but certainly not least, if you suspect abuse, report it. If you are being abused, don’t stay silent. Report to local police or the NGO concerned.

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