Alcohol and drugs consists of inebriated substance as the active agent. Dependency of which becomes a chronic iterated distract which deteriorates an individual’s health, disables him mentally and physically, marred their personal and social life completely.

Loads of examples exist in our surroundings which is unavoidable. Drinking and drugs problem give arise to household violence which means physically torturing their families, spouse and kids. Try imagining what exactly people who have gone through this torture feels. Yes, they feel humiliated and vulnerable to the circumstances they have been put through and the mental trauma which child goes through is beyond our imagination.

This ultimately brings a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving of a child as well, either child becomes still and lags behind in what he does or he heads towards the same direction from where he faced this agony.

Rudra Prasad
2013-10-27, 10:55
Well done... go ahead to Serve d Needy... Thanxxx
Atijeevan Foundation
2013-10-27, 10:52
Atijeevan Foundation would thank Kind Heartz for all the help and support they have provided us in our various endeavors. Atijeevan is a non governmen...