To most educated Indians old age is a curse because they spend a lonely and insipid life, not realizing that mental retirement is detrimental to their well-being at old age. They suddenly stop being enthusiastic about life’s small pleasures and in doing so, mentally prepare themselves for a vegetative life - eating, sleeping, watching TV and indulging in trivial things

People in old age suffer from various problems and for a variety of reasons. Most of them suffer from decease like arthritis, blood sugar, heart ailments and so on and so forth. They would have spent all their life’s earnings in discharging their parental duties and are totally dependent on their children for their existence in their fag end of their life.

There are various stories about the death of one elderly woman who did suicide in the compound of the house because the other brother did not allow the mother to come in. These are the reverse side of development going in family’s breakup. Here are some of the thoughts to be considered by the elderly people who are passing through this type of life style in joint family.

Old age homes are no solutions to the problems confronting the elderly. I have seen and virtually lived with old and ailing people in old age homes where their basic wants are taken care of.


But are they all happy with this kind of life at the fag end of their lives? No, certainly not.

Some tips for senior citizens from KindHeartz:

  1. Never give away your everything to your children while you are alive. Keep sufficient for yourself.
  2. Elderly people ought to have deep love, compassion and sympathy to all the members Of the family equally without any partiality to any one of them.
  3. They should communicate to all family members daily or at several times inquiring About their health and birthdays and important days of life they ought enjoy in Celebration such important incidents in life.
  4. No interference to any member of the family or discussing any personal matters of the family without any reference to them.
  5. Try to help them by taking care of the grand children as the family love for them. Do Not utter anything about caring about them. This is the family love, family values and Family unity with which the elderly came to this country with that type of mission in Life.
  6. Try to tell stories of our ancient saints to small children and grand children so that they Can follow our religious traditions, beliefs and understanding of our cultural heritage. And our own languages.
  7. Don't be angry with any one, remain tolerant and be sympathetic and polite to Everybody in the house. Note that love, compassion and deep gratitude.s are main aspects of human life.
  8. Try to go to the library and pass some of our time to know what is happening in this country. Be active in life. Depend upon yourself in all activities of life.
  9. Who are able and are driving cars, they can volunteer some services to some organizations, temples or hospitals for helping needy people.
  10. Every body should try to be independent in driving cars or knowing bus and railway facilities for going from place to place.
  11. Keep the lists of friends for advice and consultations and remain in contact with them so that loneliness is broken and you feel well.
  12. Take care of your partner and always go out for a walk, do some exercises in the house or on the cycle machine or any other machines so as to keep bather health. Always be particular to take medications in time. Check blood pressure and blood sugar for the prevention of the further spread of any diseases.