We see loads of differences around us,

Few are sitting in luxurious cars, and others are sitting on footpaths

Thinking about them creates an inner ordeal,

Coz differences are huge which fill your eyes with tears.


Some kids are feasting on delicacies,

Whereas many are starving for even one meal.

Some are playing with expensive toys,

Whereas many are eating a meal after selling those toys.


Few are wasting the food coz it’s tasteless,

And many are feeding themselves even from garbage.

Sleeping on cozy bed would give us comfort,

But few are those who spend night on road which hurts.


One is sitting inside big house with full of warmth and protection,

Other is on the road struggling with life with people’s hatred reaction.

These immense differences brings crime,

Coz extremely poor’s are unable to cope up with time.


Can we make little effort for them?

Contributing 1% won’t make us wretched

Try thinking of touching such people lives,

As this is the only way of finding paradise.