Teachers are the source of inspiration,

they assist us in building our attitude and perception.

nothing can repay dis debt,

coz knowledge is unchangeable of all abstracts,


Remember those golden days of school and college,

we were restless and floating on fantasy foliage.

Teachers imparted the knowledge to decide a direction,

and made us worthy to settle in a qualified section.


scolding and beating was a part of curriculum,

and instantly go happy after getting a well done.

Teachers made us a respectful individuals,

by imbibing in us a series of etiquette.


All teachers are reverential,

but few are those who are memorable.

we bow for all the teachers,

this is also not enough for paying our tribute.


Wishing all the lovely teachers a happy teachers day,

this is the small token of love floated for them on this beautiful day.

respect and love everyone we have learnt for our teachers,

keep your good spirits for others to remember.

Atijeevan Foundation
2013-10-27, 10:52
Atijeevan Foundation would thank Kind Heartz for all the help and support they have provided us in our various endeavors. Atijeevan is a non governmen...
Rudra Prasad
2013-10-27, 10:55
Well done... go ahead to Serve d Needy... Thanxxx