Funding needs of NGOs is unlimited. Donations from individuals and corporates are a major source of their funding. 84% of the 836 million adults - give donation at least once a year.

A constant question is asked -

  • Do you know any good NGOs?
  • What if general public knows various NGOs and their missions?
  • What those NGOs are doing and how they are working?


If NGOs are transparent in their operations, they will surely get more funding. is adding one more dimension to this charity and fund raising. They sell products online and share the profits with our member NGOs. The products are either branded or made by NGOs themselves. Objective is to educate buyers about NGOS and their missions, and enable them to make a donation as per their willingness and ability.

Buyers will be able to make donations of any amount at the point of sale. Even small donations can make a change. believes that if online buyers are spending some money on our own they can happily spare few cents for the NGOS and the needy. This way NGOs will have a regular source of income, so that they can serve their mission without any…

Rudra Prasad
2013-10-27, 10:55
Well done... go ahead to Serve d Needy... Thanxxx
Atijeevan Foundation
2013-10-27, 10:52
Atijeevan Foundation would thank Kind Heartz for all the help and support they have provided us in our various endeavors. Atijeevan is a non governmen...