Many relics and manuscripts that are part of the city\'s history face the risk of damage due to civic apathy

A city-based NGO, that is in possession of this ancient treasure trove, alleges that the building in Hajuri where these rare artifacts are stored is prone to leakages during monsoon. As a result, the NGO has refused to display all its manuscripts and relics fearing damage. In fact, some of the artifacts are still stacked in boxes.

  • The NGO says they have no commercial interest and want this rich archive to be converted into a museum and thrown open for citizens.

Veteran academician Dr Vijay Bedekar of the Institute for Oriental Study says there are over 25,000 rare books including encyclopedias in Marathi, 3,000 Sanskrit manuscripts and artifacts that are around 2,000 years old with them.

\"Most of these artifacts have been donated to us by several residents of the city and some have been collected by our members over the last 25 years,\" says Dr Bedekar.

A trip to the building exposed the poor infrastructure. The staff was also forced to work in unsanitary conditions.

Earlier, the NGO used to operate from a space at Shahu Market in Thane city but was asked to move to the present location by the civic body. Members allege that the new location is not maintained properly despite repeated complaints to the civic body.

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