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The first step in my procedure is to visit a village, stay for a few days and get to know the families in the area.  I can speak and read Khmer so this is of great benefit in knowing about the intentions of the families.  For example, some farming families do not want their kids to go to school because they want them to work in the field or the farm.

If I find that there are five or ten kids in a village who show a clear interests in study, then I try to get permission from one of the families to set up a small study area under one of the houses.  Once I have identified one or two responsible families in the group, I ask who would be interested in taking charge of the little library box.

So the next step is to select 50 to 75 books based on the needs of the children and their reading levels.  These are Khmer books, and some English books for kids interested in learning English.  The books are kept in a waterproof container along with a sign out sheet.  The family agreeing to take responsibility for the sign out sheet must keep track of the books and the kids\' borrowing.  Each kid can borrow a book, read it, return it, and then borrow another.  In this way, each kid in the village has a chance to read quite a few books.

I usually select a set of books based on the kids\' motivation. There are always some story books, some non fiction including books about health and environment.  Most books printed in Cambodia are full of errors, but I have found several series of books that are reliable, such as the Sipar series which has a French editor. These are about $2 each and cover a wide spectrum of subjects.

The next step is to arrange study time with the kids and their families.  Depending on the location of the village, I try to set up at least two hours of group study time, during which I answer questions for the kids, and address other issues in the village. 

If there is a moderate medical issue I will help to address that.  Occasionally in the rainy season I will offer some food assistance.  I have developed contacts in Cambodia who occasionally donate other resources.

This is a continual process.  I have relationships with people in many villages in Cambodia.  The level of participation ranges from a single student to a group of 25 kids of all ages.  Adaptivity, flexibility, and respect for Khmer culture are essential to the success of these efforts.  Most NGOs operating in Cambodia are businesses that borrow kids from their parents to get donations from visitors by pretending to be orphanages and English schools.  My goal is to avoid areas where NGOs are already operating.

A cost of this goal is that I am out of sight of the many tourists who visit Cambodia.  And so I make a modest appeal for a contribution online.  For example, $10 will buy five nice books in the Sipar series.  A course of anti-biotics to treat bacterial gastroenteritis costs 25 cents.  So a donation of $10 would treat 40 cases of this very common sickness.

I work alone and have no staff.  I have a special project which is to give seminars in villages based on a \"Guidebook for Women\" which is published in PDF and freely available. This project will require a volunteer Khmer woman to give the seminar, because it is not acceptable material for a man to deliver according to Khmer culture.  This is an example of an extension of my work which I would like to do if I can achieve funding.

When a contribution is made, I add the name of the contributor to a list of all previous contributors, and if desired, reply with the list, so that new contributors can see what funds were already given, how they were used, and then ask questions and offer feedback.

Sponsors or contributors are invited to visit any of the villages that their funds are used for, and even to designate funds for particular projects and track the results through contact with me.  This is a fully consuming occupation, because I work alone, but I strive to answer all inquiries.

I hope to hear from you, and welcome any questions.

Thank you for reading my proposal.

Mark Moore


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