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BrightChameleon represents the ability of people and organisations to \'change their colors\', i.e. to shape themselves, adapt and evolve to become better performing organisations and hence have a wider impact on civil society.

Civil society and non-profit organisations need to focus on building the capacity of the entire organisation if they want to maximise their impact.

With an increasingly important role in society, it becomes even more critical for NGO\'s to perform effectively.


At BrightChameleon you will find a team of committed professionals and experts from different fields and with NGO experience, always available to provide you support in strenghtening your organisation, in lockstep with implementing projects. 


We understand and adapt to the needs and specificities of the NGO sector which is why our approach and activities are tailored for each organisation, while respecting existing constraints.

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Services Offered Planning, Management, NGO Consultancy, Document Writing, Website Development, Other
Twitter Handle https://twitter.com/brightchameleo1
Experience(Years) +15
Organization Bright Chameleon



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