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TEZPUR, Jan 17 – At a time when some fake NGOs have been active in the region to earn some extra money, Caritus India, an NGO having a worldwide network and with a visionary zeal to face the trouble of people across the globe during disastrous moments is carrying out yeoman’s service. It is to be stated that 2012 was a disastrous year for the people of Assam and almost all the districts of the State were submerged by flood water due to heavy and continuous rainfall in the region. Of all the districts, Sonitpur was marked as the most affected district in this flood.


The seven revenue circles of the district were affected by flood, but out of them Naduar circle was recognised as the most affected one. More than 70 villages of Naduar circle were under water. In that pathetic situation, the government along with the Army, Civil Defence and several other organisations stepped forward to offer help to the flood victims.

Among the NGOs coming to the rescue of the flood victims, Caritas India joined hands with a local organisation Tezpur Social Service Society (TSSS) to distribute relief materials to those affected. In the later period, it started rehabilitation work to give the people a better life in four sectors such as livelihood, shelter, water and sanitation and health.

During the floods, the NGO covered 66 villages (around 10,000 families) to distribute relief materials. In those villages altogether 8,107 tarpaulins were distributed, along with 4,386 candles, 7,803 match boxes, 2,318 phenyl bottles, 3,849 bleaching powder boxes, and 8,259 antiseptic soaps. The tarpaulins were a big help for the people as they could use it as temporary shelters during the time of flood.

After the distribution of these relief materials, blankets and mosquito nets were again distributed in the winter season to combat the cold and to get safety from the mosquitoes. Along with the distribution of relief materials, 40 medical camps were also conducted in different villages where 4,149 people were treated and offered free medicine.

“After the relief work, to help out the people, Caritas India with the implementing agency Tezpur Social Service Society again started rehabilitation programmes for the community residing in the Naduar circle. For the rehabilitation programmes, 40 villages of Sootea from the Naduar circle was taken,” said one of the dedicated workers of the NGO, adding that the issue of rehabilitation was given priority as many of the people lost their livelihood due to the floods.

“Moreover, we distributed potato seeds to the farmers of 40 villages during the rabi crop season, according to the land area covered by them,” he said. “A total of 55,556 kg potato seeds were distributed to 3,814 farmers. After that 50 petty shopkeepers were given marketable items of their own choice amounting to Rs 5,000 each. Then 139 weavers were given thread of their own choice amounting to Rs 1,000 each,” he added.

As part of the yeoman service by the NGO, recently it conducted a survey in the flood-affected areas to record the loss of the people following which 660 houses were constructed. “Then comes the health sector – to make the people aware of the various diseases, need of hygiene and cleanliness. Altogether 80 health awareness camps were conducted in several villages with the help of the ASHA workers,” the NGO worker said.

It needs mention here that the work of Caritas India with the implementing agency TSSS has been appreciated by various government offices, including the Deputy Commissioner of Sonitpur, District Disaster Management Authority, etc. The people of the Sootea block have also praised the good work.