Description Narayan Seva Sansthan is an NGO established in 1985 by Dr. Kailash Agrawal ‘Manav’ to treat patients suffering from polio, cerebral palsy and serve the orthopedically handicapped and disabled.
Services at Stapoo
New Delhi
DescriptionStapoo is a place for free expression for children & adolescents. It aims at reaching out to young individuals and making them emotionally healthy beings.
Tamil Nadu
DescriptionWe mainly focus on care and support to individual and families infected and affected by HIV/ AIDS.
nalantha cover photo
Tamil Nadu
DescriptionNalantha Educational Trust, as a grass root organization believe that every child have their inner potential and are equal to enjoy their rights, but have to be explored with sequence of intervention that are child friendly and that could build thei
DescriptionSERUDS (Sai Educational Rural & Urban Development Society) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working in Andhra Pradesh State, India working for the welfare and development of deprived street children, orphans, destitute women.
DescriptionMadurai Health And Leprosy Relief Centre (MAHELERECEN) is a non-profit charitable organization based in Madurai City, Tamil Nadu, India. Mahelerecen does voluntary health promotion and preventive services of general health education, leprosy awarenes
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Tamil Nadu
DescriptionSocial Education Economical Development Society (SEEDS) is a non-profit society promoted by Mr. S.D. Pandian, a Sarvodaya Worker who had associated himself with Sarvodaya Movement of Achyarya Vinoba Bhave for nearly a decade.
DescriptionSnehalaya was established in 1989 but formally registered as a NGO in 1992 at Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) and is working in Ahmednagar District. Women in flesh trade and their children, HIV positive and slum children are our focus area.